What type of software developer is most in demand at present

hi was wondering whether web dev is most in demand is there a specific ability set that is most in demand in the market at the moment

Pretty much doesn’t matter if you’re a crack-shot coder.

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The best thing you can do is look at the job openings in your area, or the area you are looking to get a job in. Not every company is going to use the same thing, but you can get an idea of what popular in the area by looking at what skills the job openings are asking for. Then you can start focusing in those coding areas to be better suited for the job when you are ready to apply

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what if i want to work remote

Same thing except you would look for remote positions, but you would still look for the skills that are most in demand. The only difference in remote is that you are working from home. There shouldnt be any drastic difference in skills needed working remote vs going to an office


but in your opinion what is the most in demand area as of september 2023

This is where research on your part comes in. I could tell the most in demand skills in my area, but that doesn’t mean they are going to be the same in your area. Not all companies are looking for the same thing as they may have different needs.


I’m currently looking for a new job and am learning the complete C suite with C#, C and C++, after getting two very lucrative offers that required some C languages (I’m in Germany).
If I could start over, I would skip JS/React and get into the C languages.

Especially when you are able to learn and write C++, you are set as a developer, the whole industry is open for you, from gaming over web development to embedded code.

Give it a thought if this a direction for you.


Just my two cents, as I’m also looking for remote work. I’ve noticed that Frontend development, react is definitely the most popular library, however it’s also the most taught and therefore the most competition looking for the same jobs everyone else is looking for. Angular is the next most popular but perhaps that’s because of my area.
As mentioned in another comment, at least in my area, there’s a healthy amount of C# .Net job openings.
Python is getting to be fairly worldwide as well, as ML and data science fields grow.

Can you give us an idea of what type of programming job interests you most? Are you aiming for web dev specifically?


i plan to work hard to achieve a portfolio in whatever niche there is in software development I think I will have to look into react thanks for the help
does freecodecamp teach c++?

We don’t have an interactive C++ curriculum, no. We have some content on YouTube.

I’d only really learn C or C++ if you really want to get a job with those languages. I’d look at what jobs are available to you, though it’s easier to get into Web Dev as a self taught programmer.


so would i need a computer science degree to get a job in c++

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I didn’t say that?

Its easiest to get a job in Web Dev if you are self taught.

Other options are harder but still possible.

I’d first make sure you have access to C++ jobs and are interested in that sort of work before going too far down the C++ rabbit hole. There exist better languages nowadays and C++ jobs don’t pay magically better than other programming jobs.


is it better to work remote or in person
also what are the cities in the world with the most tech jobs

will i be ready after javascript and web design or do i need to complete front end

You will need whatever skills are listed in job postings near you

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In my personal experience, it was not enough. You need to practice what you learn and also find out what you don’t know. For instance, the JavaScript course does not teach any DOM manipulation.
Don’t skip these courses though. Knowing JavaScript really well helps you learn anything that uses JavaScript

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but can i learn all that for free or do i need to pay for courses

What do you mean by “all of that”? None of the courses from freecodecamp cost anything (of course, you can always donate.) Also, freecodecamp YouTube channel has an awesome amount of video lessons on all sorts of stuff.
Perhaps if you want specialized training from a college course, or if you pay for lessons through Udemy or coursera, that will cost something. But many people here will tell you that you can get a job without paid courses, it just takes a lot of work and time to practice and learn

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