Whats next after tutorials?

What am I supposed to do once I finish the Javascript tutorials?

By javascript tutorials, do you mean the javascript algorithms certification?
Or do you mean you completed all of the javascript certifications included the node and express ones?

Well, that largely depends on what your end goal is.

If your goal is become a frontend developer and you have already completed to the javascript libraries certification, then I would suggest building your own projects outside of a class.

If your goal is become a full stack developer and you have already completed the full stack javascript certifications, then I would still suggest building your own projects outside of a class.

Once you have built a few projects on your own, you can start looking for jobs and building up your job materials.

Hope that helps!



If you are interested in frontend development and looking for projects, I highly recommend https://www.frontendmentor.io/

They have frontend project challenges on different skill levels. They only provide the starter files, you have to build the sites yourself, the best way to learn! They have a paid program, but their free challenges are already enough to get you started.

You can turn these projects into full stack apps by adding apis, servers and databases.

It can’t hurt to gain knowledge about basic computer science and data structures, with the free courses by Harvard (CS50) Princeton and MIT for example. It will help you understand how hardware processes your software, to organize your code and prepare you for job interviews.

Awsome! i havent finished the tutorials yet but when i do i just wanted to know whats the next step.

Hello i dont understand the instructions on frontendmentor maybe you can help me step by step???

A big part of getting out of or staying out of “tutorial hell” is being able to find answers to individual questions/issues/problems you run into by themselves.

Trying to find a step-by-step, full grade solution to large problems means you’re not breaking things down enough. If you’re able to isolate a single problem, and solve it on your own, then you can take that small problem and solve it later when it is just part of a big problem. This is a key aspect of staying out of tutorial hell.

So with that in mind, you might want to isolate what problem your having trouble with, try to branch out and find solutions on your own for it, or come back here and get help with just those small problems. It might not actually be that small and thus create more “sub-issues” that will have to be tackled as well, where you continuously repeat until you you solve the smallest identifiable problem and learn from it.

From there you should learn a number of things and then slowly, maybe really slowly start to progress.

Good luck, keep learning, keep growing :+1:

well i have problems with most of the tutorial lessons and have to go straight to the solution because the hints and searches do not help. otherwise ill be spending months on just one lesson. ps im dislexic and a slow learner

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