Where do I find Share link in Microsoft Learn profile?

The certificate suggests the following… But I cannot, for the life of me, find this “Share link” button or location anywhere in the profile or “Training” location on the learn.microsoft.com site.

Where is this button? Can someone screenshot its location, please?

I had to start another certificate within Microsoft’s learning platform, for the transcripts to show. Then I was able to get the link. This is not obvious at all via the “Link your Microsoft account” process.

Furthermore, after linking, I’m now receiving “We were unable to verify your trophy from Microsoft’s learning platform.”

How do I claim the progress? There’s no point doing the certification on this site if I cannot credit it.

You might be referring to this:

No because that share button is just the URL, but it’s asking for an explicit URL format which the base profile URL doesn’t match. After I figured it out, which wasn’t clear, the URL is generated which the browser-share button wouldn’t know how to create.

does this help?

That is helpful, thank you.

Though, I’m still having issues with;

We were unable to verify your trophy from Microsoft’s learning platform.

I have to say this is really quite dumb.

Why offer a cert that can’t be awarded because your system fails to verify?

What a waste of effort.

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Have you completed the full learning path on microsoft com. Make sure your trophy is visible under you achievements on your learn microsoft.com profile.

Hello there,

In order to verify your trophy, you need to ensure you have been awarded one in your Microsoft Learn account:

Please double-check you have the correct trophy in the Achievements section of your profile.

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Logged in to Microsoft Learn to find all my trophies and progress had disappeared. Can’t find any indication of whether the two accounts are linked or not. This is so poorly implemented.

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