Where do I start coding

I am currently 16 years old and computer science is interesting and is there any tips that can help me learn coding?


I started coding almost at the same age as you. I think the best tip I can give is: be curious. Always search for answers, join a community of programmers and watch videos that can inspire you to create. And start coding a lot, and after you learn how to code, learn other essentail tools like the terminal and Git. If you really like the world of software, time will fly by.


If you are a complete beginner, I would like to recommend visiting The Odin Project to get started.

Happy coding! :grinning:

If you want to be a front end or full stack developer then run through the free tutorials found on here and places like w3schools, mdn and YouTube. Concentrate on HTML,CSS and JavaScript, in that order. Use a free online editor like codepen or stackblitz to play around with or download Visual Studio Code (not full Visual Studio). Then practice practice practice! Build a website for yourself, friends, family, a local charity or business for free or low cost to get yourself real world experience. Once you have the basics of HTML/CSS/JS then you can start looking at JavaScript libraries and frameworks

If you want to be a backend or desktop/mobile developer then you need to do your research and decide what language/technology suits your aims and/or is desirable in your job market. You could have a look on a job site to find this out. Languages such as Python, C#, Java, Go and Rust are very popular. NodeJS allows you to use JavaScript on the backend so that might be an easy starting point if you already know that. Some database knowledge such as SQL or NoSQL is also very useful.

All the best!

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this is a bit long, so if you don’t want to read it all there’s a tl;dr at the bottom i’m in high school and also beginning the process of learning how to code and, although i’m new to this myself, i’ll go ahead and share some tips that have helped me out. i’m currently using codecademy as well as this website to learn, but there are tons of other free online resources you can use and sometimes earn certificates from (which can boost your resume). youtube is also helpful for hearing from programmers/coders who are self-taught and learning specific skills. another thing that can help is immersing yourself in coding communities, which is especially helpful if you have specific questions that may not have been covered by an online course. one thing that’s really helped me is figuring out which resources best suit me and my learning style and good habits for actually making the things i’m learning stick. i’m a visual and linguistic learner (linguistic learner meaning someone who learns by reading, writing, and talking about information) so i take notes about the things as i’m learning them and read articles about various topics. for the good habits part, basically just find a good balance between not overworking yourself and still challenging yourself in a good way.

TL;DR: explore different resources (there are tons of different free online resources), develop healthy habits, customize your learning process to what best suits you, join coding forums/groups, and use youtube to assist your learning. good luck on learning to code!

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