Where is a good place to learn how to actually build an app?

I’ve gotten my responsive web design out of the way and I am about half way through my JavaScript course here and through a book I bought on Amazon which is almost in sync with FCC but includes 20 exercises at the end of each chapter, the exercises were the clincher in me absorbing the information much faster.

Now I want to start some projects while finishing up to get some practical knowledge and hopefully the practice will solidify the core skill in designing and launching production quality apps and sites.

My long-term goal is to be a freelance web designer and I want to work on stuff that will support that goal.

Any ideas of places where I can find this information?

Well, I think FCC is a good place to learn. But it’s not comprehensive - if you want to supplement it with other things, that’s great too. But I think it makes a great framework.

There is no perfect, golden path to learning this stuff. There is no ideal path. Just keep learning and building things.

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@ericphamm what is the book that you bought on Amazon? If you don’t mind me asking!

@Nikki360PDX A Smart Way to Learn JavaScript by Mark Meyers. It is a great book he teaches you a lot just through repetition. He is kind of rigid on the format and if you don’t double-space this or tab that you will miss the question even if everything “technically” is correct. I still recommend it.

@ericphamm Thanks for the info! I’m definitely looking into getting that one and the HTML/CSS one that he created as well.

@Nikki360PDX His books are great, you’ll learn a lot.