Where to Practice?

Looking for some advice:
About a year ago I ran through the HTML/CSS course here and completed the tribute site.
It was basic, but I was proud that I had taught myself how to do it.

Having completed that, I wanted to learn Javascript as I figured that was the next extension to get my websites to do something more.

I started taking classes pursuing my degree in Java and put down the Javascript for a while.

Now, I’m mostly through my second class with Java and I’m comfortable with most of what I’ve learned.

Looking back on what I learned here with HTML and CSS, if you asked me to build my website again, I don’t know that I could. Which means I couldn’t functionally answer questions about it in an interview.

I wish there was somewhere to go where I could get practice questions to answer a couple times weekly to stay fresh with the skills I develop. Also, I’ve found that some of the app’s that have you select answers in multiple choice options don’t really do much for retention, I need to be typing it in.

I have a login for GitHub, but I really am not sure how to find projects I could really contribute to with my limited experience. (Ive tried, and I really don’t know how to) Also, I look forward to getting feedback on code that maybe isn’t perfect, but I don’t want to create an issue for someones GItHub project.

HackerRank has some stuff, specifically for beginners. This is a great example of what I’m referring to, but they don’t offer HTML/CSS, they are pretty limited in what these challenges are available for.

Any advice would be great.

My background: I’m 37 and halfway through obtaining my associates in Computer Information Systems, pursuing my A+ through Professor Messer’s youtube video’s, and I have an analyst job as a student intern managing software licenses. I’ve worked in retail for 15 years and I’m attempting a mid-stream pivot to increase my EP and get better work-life balance from work. Eventually, my goal is to find something where I can work remotely. (Advice on this would be very welcome as well)


You can contribute to Free Code Camp’s existing curriculum or to the new project based which is still being developed.

Check out https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md for information on contributing to the existing repo.

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The best way to retain is to repeat, this could be re-doing projects you did, but forgot how to do, or do something “new”.

I personally always work on side projects for 2 main reasons

  1. Re-enforce the basics
  2. Learn something new

Most of my side projects usually lean on existing knowledge I already know I have, but mix in some new tech, approaches, techniques I want to learn.

I especially recommend building things if your goal is to brush up on HTML/CSS. If your design skills aren’t that great where you can think up a great looking side from scratch, I’d suggest taking a simple/basic site and trying to replicate it as practice.

The only problem with “practicing” HTML/CSS in a hackerrank-like environment is HTML/CSS are mainly standards which rely mostly on reference and experience. This isn’t like practicing a programming language which not only has syntax, but provides a ground for things like design patterns, algorithms and data structures.

If you want to brush up on HTML/CSS, go build a front-end site using those technologies to get the most out of the time you spend :smile: