Which certifications do I need?

So I am trying to be a back-end/full-stack developer. Which certs do I need?

You don’t need any certs. The certs are nothing, just pieces of paper. And they really don’t mean much - a cert won’t get you a job.

It’s what you learn and what you build that gets you the job. The certs are just there for you to feel good and to mark your progress. Don’t get me wrong - those are good things. But they don’t get you a job.

If you want to be a web dev, do the first six sections. That will give you a solid MERN stack. Then keep learning and keep building. You can also do the Python sections - they are not applicable to a MERN stack, but it is good information and will look good on a resume. Plus, Python can be used as a b/e language. The last section also has a lot of good information that will help in job interviews.

But it’s the knowledge and projects that can get you a job.


Aren’t the projects we complete for the certs what helps us to get a job?

I don’t know if most of those are a high enough level to really get a job.

But it’s a sliding scale. It’s not black and white. There might be a few places for whom that is enough. But there will be even more competition for those jobs. Your goal is to keep increasing your odds. It is VERY difficult to get the first job. You want to keep pushing, keep learning, keep building, keep polishing, until you get your foot in the door.

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I think the fcc projects are a good start.

But you will end up learning a lot more by building projects outside of class.
Plus it will help you stand out from the crowd :grinning:


In life, not much is a guarantee. If you get a certification, it doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a job. Build your portfolio and skills and set goals. Personally, I’m using these certifications (and a collection of previously learned skills) in hopes to land an internship, from there, that’s where career opportunities stem from.

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