Which ide is best for c/c++

please suggest some best ide for c.

Dev++ good for C++
Turbo For C
but you can code both language in both compliler

Turbo C was awesome.
Visual Studio has a free edition.
Or Emacs and Linux command line.

JetBrains has CLion, which I’ve found useful. You do have to like CMake though.

If you’re on Windows, VS Community is the best (although bloated). VS Code can work on other platforms. But I’d recommend Code::Blocks, which is free & cross-platform.

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I’m using Visual Studio Code for C/C++ microprocessor programming, with the C# extension. I can compile, upload binary to microprocessor, debug, access the terminal easily, etc. PS: I’m on a Mac, but it’s also available for Windows.

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Thank you.I try this.later I tell you how it was.