Which is better for learning

i am trying to improve my coding skills… first of all im working on a development team as a jr. dev. . so i have some experiance on .net core and angular . here is my question. there is too much talk about “learn react”, “learn vue”, “learn nodejs”, “learn ruby” or “learn php for speed and easy coding e.g. wordpress”. so everynight i wanna work on my skill but i stuck in edge. i dont know what i have to do? could you show me way ?

Since you are on FreeCodeCamp. I suggest you to go through its curriculum. It will start from the basics but will cover more advanced concepts of JavaScript and React as well.

There’s always “talk” of learning things, but I usually focus on what can benefit me sooner than later if I can. If your working on .net and using Angular, continuing to learn more about these two is a great place to start.

Angular is a typescript based, which is based on JS. JS skills carry over to nodejs, React and Vue. It’s getting more and more popular as a language so its a great investment for your time.

I personally don’t recommend spending to much time learning things that wont impact you soon, since if you don’t use it you will lose it and forget what you learned. as @shimphillip said, going over FCC should give you more web development skills, which is a great way to get free structured learning for relevant skills too.

Just go out and learn anything you find interesting, there’s always more to learn :smiley:

Goodluck and keep learning :smiley:

You do not need to learn every single library/framework out there, sticky with one and learn it well. Once you know one very well you will be able to pick others if needed.

Personally, I would learn and work with the library/framework that is in high demand and will be in demand for the next couple of years.

Also go to the official documentation and look for their recommended learning resources.