Why images are not coming by my code?

<div class="pull-right" id="mywin_menu"><div id="search_properties_container">
<div class="mywin_label">
<a href="/search" onclick="wwwHelper.trackEvent('Header Interaction', 'Click - Search Properties');">
<span class="hide_show pull-left">
Search Properties
<i class="fa fa-search fa-2x"></i>
<div id="chat_container">
<div class="mywin_label">
<a href="#" onclick="return ReadyChat.startLink();">
<span class="hide_show pull-left">
Chat Now
<i class="fa fa-comments-o fa-2x"></i>
<div id="need_an_agents_container">
<div class="mywin_label">
<a href="" onclick="wwwHelper.trackEvent('Header Interaction', 'Click - Need Agent');">
<span class="hide_show pull-left">
Need an Agent?
<i class="fa fa-phone fa-2x"></i>
<div id="my_windermere_container">
<div class="myaccount_links_container">
<a href="#" id="cas_login" onclick="wwwHelper.trackEvent('Header Interaction', 'Click - Sign In'); return false;">
<span class="hide_show user_name pull-left">
Sign In
<i class="fa fa-user fa-2x"></i>

This is the website for which i have done some sort of reverse engineering.

You can clearly see the images for search , comments , phone etc…
then why my code in code pen is not giving responsive images.

You’ll need to show us some code so we can see where you maybe going wrong.

Nope your just showing four links and no images as in the original post, where’s a link to your code??

I am trying to write code but i dont know why it is not displaying it.
But i can provide my codepen link where actually i have written it
Sorry for trouble but please try it…
This is the website


Hi @M-Areeb ,

there don’t seem to be any image tags in your html.

I think reverse engineering somebodies website my not be the best way forward, why not work through the Front End Development section to get a better understanding of HTML and CSS techniques.

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Yes good point. That website seems to have more plugins than content too.

probably not a good example for the OP to follow if trying to learn from it.

Thanx for it guys , you know what i went to inspect code for the images and content but unable to get much more things .
Some body suggest me that you can learn building website only this way. I have done courses from codeacademy but things are not coming as presentable i want .
Any suggestion


follow FCC curriculum and within a few weeks you should be able to produce your first website.

Doesn’t matter if its a bit naf at this stage… you will get better and the more you read the forums and progress through the FCC course, the more confident you will get. Slowly but surely - it works.

Once you have a handle on what your doing with the basics, everything will start to fall into place for you.



I cleaned up your code.
You need to use triple backticks to post code to the forum.
See this post for details.

It seems that you simply copied the HTML of that site verbatim, and not even all of them. In fact, I think all you copied were the headline part. So of course you’ll see no image there. And you haven’t enabled any CSS/JS helper in your codepen either (not even Bootstrap), so not even the icons will show up. Are you sure you’ve followed the courses from Codecademy?

Anyway, I honestly think starting from the beginning here in FCC would be better for you. It’s much more structured than Codecademy, and after one or two days, you should be able to make a very simple website (no backend, but still a website).