Why this project is not marked as complete?

Can i know why this project doesn’t show a tick or mark as complete.
I am talking about Survey Form.
here is the link of project: Link of Project
Screenshot 2022-08-08 3.30.19 AM

Are you submitting through the editor? You can’t use Codepen for the code submission.

Note: You are not allowed to copy the example project code. It is against the Academic Honesty Policy you must agree to.

i am not using the codepen for submission.

Wait a minute, Don’t I have to design a project as same as looking like the example project or Is there anything I am not aware of? :thinking:

Pretty sure your code was passing for me when I tested it (you have deleted the Codepen).

But it’s probably for the best as it clearly was copying code from the example project. You even had CSS variables from the example project that was unused in your code.

Create your own project with your own code. That is how you learn which is the point of the challenges, not just completing them.

No, it is just an example. Your project should not look like it and should most definitely not be using code directly from it. Make it your own. It just has to fulfill the requirements.

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