Will FCC include a FullStack certification?

I would love to see a cert focusing on bringing FE and BE together. It would be good to include real-world projects that are full stack-oriented.

Any plans for the FCC curriculum to include a Full Stack cert or projects?

They used to have one. I have what is now a “legacy” certification for Full Stack Certification (earned in 2019). It appears that changed when the Python certifications were added. The Full Stack Certification as I recall did not require completing anything special for that certification but was received for completing all of the other certifications (pre Python). So , I think they could easily still offer one for completing a certain set of certifications if they wanted to. I have no idea why it changed.

Perhaps a question for @QuincyLarson.

As a side note, to learn Python and Django for web development I turned to Harvard’s CS50 courses on EDX. But I did complete the Python Scientific Computing Certification here as well.

How the FCC lessons were in 2019 for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were the most helpful for me in learning how to code - starting from zero previous experience.

Maybe an issue to raise with them? Maybe a question for a different question category?


Heya @JackEdwardLyons!

If you head over to your settings page on freecodecamp.org, you can scroll to the bottom and see the requirements for claiming the Legacy Full Stack Certification:


Thanks, actually the link to get the legacy certs was this for me:

Yeah I started out in 2015-16 when it was all legacy certs. I only did the FE cert back then but remember seeing the Full Stack cert.

It’s 2022 now and I reckon would be an incredibly relevant certificate to include a Full Stack cert which would tie in all the FE and BE knowledge.

Anyway, keen to hear your thoughts @QuincyLarson whether this is on the roadmap?

when the passage to the curriculum 7.0 will be finished, there will be a new full stack cert

is there an expected date for the release of 7.0?

The complete curriculum impossible to say. The Responsive Web Design has just come out, JavaScript is in progress. Various other things are in progress, and others still need to be started.

On the Discord server, people interested get sneak peeks and early access to new curriculum.

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