Work requests to make portfolios

Does anyone else get work requests from freelance sites, reddit etc to build web dev portfolios or coding portfolios for people?

I’ve had one recently where someone wanted one because they had a “family emergency”.

They could be genuine but it feels really scammy in some way. Is this a common scam that happens? or is it just a really big business for web devs / programmers who don’t have time to make their own portfolio?

Bear in mind that the sole reason for a web developer to have a portfolio is to demonstrate their competence at web development. That doesn’t categorically mean that they don’t need one built for them (maybe they’re bad at design), but it’s highly unlikely (if they are building a programming portfolio, why do they need fancy design? It’s not relevant). Plus the size of the market for people who might want to pay a designer to build a portfolio website to get a developer/programmer job is infitesimal.

That does make sense. Maybe, I’m being a little too paranoid! XD

No, I don’t think you’re being paranoid, I would be sceptical as generally, it’s a quite strange request to get (particularly in the way you describe it)

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