1st Project, Portfolio Website

Portfolio Website

Hello all! I just wanted to share my first website live on the web. It is the basis of how my portfolio will be and I'll be adding future projects to it later. Critique is welcome! Thank you.

My Website

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Hi Djin!
I’m just wrapping up my portfolio site as well, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

First, I love the page design and color scheme. Simple yet crisp. Nicely done.

I think you should capitalize Bootstrap, it is done so on most sites. Perhaps consider removing the technologies you are “going to learn” and stick to what you know. The advice I’ve been given and subscribe to is only claim to know something you have a project to point to that utilizes that language/etc.

Other than that, great! Enjoy your day.

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Hi Mox!
I’d love to see yours when finished!

Thank you for your feedback, I def will be making those changes. I agree with you on that advice of only subscribing to claim what you know opposed to what you’re going to. A mentor I met with yesterday said the same thing. They talked about how I shouldn’t put aspiring Software Engineer/Developer instead claim that I am now because I am creating the work. I may not be great but it is okay to claim that now.

Thanks again, I’m going to update the languages I know!

Good luck on your website, looking forward to seeing it and have a great day.

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Here are some tips:
If you want to give your website a more modern look, use height: 100vh;
on all sections, covering the full screen. Looks much better especially on phones.

If you do that, add a media query that gives the two halves a flex of 100%,
so they are displayed on top of each other on small screens.

In your hero, please get rid of the poetry. Your target audience are hiring managers and stake holders, they don’t care. They want to know how you can make them money. So best descibe, in short, in taglines, what dev role and what services/ solutions you can offer.

We have to market ourselves, sad fact, but it pays off in many ways.
Wish you success on your way!

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Hi Daniel!

Thank you kindly for the critique, I’ve updated it too more relevant experience that may help refine what a hiring manager might be looking for. Your advice was a great refresher, pointing specifics out. I feel I am still missing something in my hero section. What I have now, does feel a lot better than the poetry! I will make the Viewport changes and add the media query in the following hours.

Thank you again, this advice goes along way!

Hello, I noticed when you click on an option in the navbar it is covering a little bit of the top of the section it navigates to. For example when you click about you can see it covers a little bit of the top of the picture of you. If you use the


property in the html element selector in css the make the value the same as the height of your navbar it should stop doing this.

amazing website btw i am still doing the responsive web desgin course and hope to eventually create my own portfolio page.

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If you don’t know it yet, add awwwards.com to your bookmarks.

Some of the sites are a bit overengineerd, but you will get a good grip
on the latest trends in Webdesign, development and find inspirations.

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Thnx DanielH,
I love to get inspiration from the community, these sites are awesome to have as a reference to follow as so many changes & trends come to fruition.

Add a media query to make your columns’ width 100% on mobile, e.g @media (max-width: 575px)

Otherwise on mobile it’s all a bit squashed

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