AI and Math and career opportunities in it

Hi guys! I am a middle school student interested in web development. Although I like web development, I am very interested in AI. But, I am quite taken aback by the fact that one needs to be very good at math to pursue a career in AI. I am not bad at math though. Please let me know if studying AI would be helpful to improve my math and how good one can become at AI by spending approximately 2 hours every day for a whole year. Please advise. Thank you.

it is really difficult to say how good one person can beome in 790 hours - it depends on what you do in those hours. It could give you some basis for sure, if you choose material that is always slightly challenging and always practice what you are learning.
For AI and Machine Learning, more than Maths in general, it is statistics and algorithms that are needed.
To start you could take a look at the Computer Science topic on Khan Academy

And in the freeCodeCamp curriculum there is a Python certificate about Machine Learning (to do only if you already have some Python basics, but there is also the first Python cert that starts with the basics of Python)

A couple of articles you may find interesting, about the job field and also some articles on how to build AIs, which can show you why you need Maths


if you’re just starting out, probably just read/consume educational content that you find interesting. you have a lot of time ahead of you to learn, so anything you learn now has a cumulative effect later on in your life.

you will need to understand statistics well to do AI well. things like… probabilities.