An anonymous 2 min survey on resources for learning frontend development

Hello Campers! I’m working on a career guide for web development and for research I decided to create an anonymous survey for people learning frontend development on their own. The goal is to filter out the most helpful resources from the thousands that are available online.

It’s completely anonymous, takes only 2 minutes max, all the questions are optional so you can skip any of them, and you can even see all the results yourself at the end.

If you have any suggestions for improvements, do post them below.

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Interesting looking at responses! Node and React seem to be important, and most people seem to have used Stackoverflow, Codecademy, and W3schools.

Just finished survey…Would love to see the results once you finish collecting the data-… maybe it will guide me and others towards USEFUL resources…

Hey @Docwali777, you should see a link to view all the results yourself at the end of the survey

Are you aware that FCC ran a new coder survey and made the data available?

Is this helpful?


Yes, I’m aware. The two survey’s are meant for different purposes. This one is more focused on people learning frontend development and what resources they find helpful. Thanks for your response though :slight_smile:

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@duttakapil thanks for link

Surprised CS50x wasn’t listed as one of the top MOOCs.

Hey @icartusacrimea , CS50 was not considered as it’s more of an intro to computer science, not web development. Are you taking the course? I started two years ago and still haven’t finished. Plan to get back to it next year :slight_smile:

Hey @duttakapil, that survey was great. I’m going over the Summary of it. Thank you for this.