Any recommended JS references?

Don’t need assistance with learning pure JS - this is more about incorporating it as part of the front end. I have a background in backend and mobile programming and have found that aside from the HTML and CSS resources on FCC (v. helpful) there doesn’t seem to be much about using JS alongside HTML and CSS. Any resources to keep me moving here? I’ve finished most of the algo challenges available on here and covered HTML and CSS - haven’t completed the front end challenges yet (I’ve just done the personal portfolio site one). Struggling to put the pieces together.

As you have development knowledge, I would recommend MDN (Mozilla Developer Network).
The Web APIs are important and built into most browsers so having that page is nice. Additionally, for using JS with HTML and CSS, (manipulating elements, attributes and changing styles.) I would recommend the DOM tutorials on there. You can also just skip to Examples if you already have a basic understanding.

Hope that helps!