Best source for learning JavaScript Beginner / Advanced State?

Is there any source you guys would recommened for learning Java / JavaScript that not only provides knowledge but also has plenty of exercises? It doesn’t has to be free I just need some good knowledge and good exercises (that’ll get explained in depth later) because I’m super bad at making my own exercises.


I included Java because I need that for university.

For JavaScript just click on the link above that says “Visit the Curriculum” then click on the JavaScript course that fCC provides for free.

For Java, I don’t have any personal recommendations as I learned it from books but you can look up online articles such as these: < 10 Best Places to Learn Java Online for Free in 2022 | by javinpaul | Javarevisited | Medium>

I would say also do not attempt to learn both at the same time. This will be too confusing and will slow you down.

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