Building a website:pure HTML,CSS,JS or Bootstrap and jQuery?

Hello! I’ve completed the front end course and now I’d like to build a real responsive website for my friend, she’s a businesswoman.

So I think about using Bootstrap and jQuery but I also read an article which says that every web-developer should be able to build a responsive website just using pure HTML,CSS and JS. Personally, I agree with the point of view and I’d like to build it just using pure technologies, but for now I want to start with Bootstrap and jQuery.

Earlier I talked to one guy who is a web-developer and works in a web development agency, so he told me that “it doesn’t matter how you’ll do it, by using Bootstrap and jQuery or pure HTML ,CSS,JS, or other ways, the only things matter are to make the high quality product and be on time”.

So what do you think of it?

Hi Nikita,

In my opinion it does not matter at all, the comment mentioned from the web developer seems the best advice

There is a theory that you should use the least powerful tool to get the job done, Wikki rule of least power , but personally I believe that if your comfortable with Bootstrap and jquery too give you the desired result, then that is what you should use.

Good luck.

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Do it with jQuery. Although it’'s been around for a while now, it is still a fantastic library, still heavily used, and still worth learning. Just don’t get stuck on it.

Think of jQuery as like training wheels for web development.