Camper from SoCal-Day 5

Hello Campers! Im new to fcc, about 5 days in and just starting the portfolio page. I am 19 and have been learning to code for less than a month. This is definitely something I’m interested in and I love learning new things. I’ve noticed tons of cool posts on here and the medium site. Just wanted to ask anyone on here with little experience or masters: What topic/article is most inspiring/helpful and well articulated to you currently?? Thank you for existing. I look forward to a lively future here (:smile:

Also what, if anything, should I be cautious about privacy/security wise?

Hello, welcome to the forums! We usually hide introduction threads (we’d have too many with all the new campers that join every day), but I’ll leave yours open because you have some questions.

Not sure I have a favorite, I like to read from a lot of sources. This is a blog post I got in my email today that I thought was inspiring:

Don’t be too worried at the start. If you’re too worried about security when you are first building things, you will waste much more time tinkering around with projects that aren’t even going to be hacked when you could spend that time so much more effectively by learning.

If you want some basic tips, don’t reuse passwords and change them ever so often. Use a password manager (I use LastPass because it’s free). Backup your work. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done something incredibly retarded very, very stupid and deleted day’s worth of work. Backup folders when you’re starting and once you get more advanced use git and version control.

Thanks, I’m glad I exist too :laughing: