Can I get an internship here at freeCodeCamp or some associate?

I am 18 years old and currently know Python,Django and am on my way to learn web development(back end).
But I still believe that I would learn faster if offered a more real life project and an internship would be the best, also allowing me to earn to support my UG degree fee.

Get the certificates and you will have the opportunity to work on projects for non-profit organizations. You can also contribute directly to FreeCodeCamp.


A few things:

  1. Can I get a job at freeCodeCamp? We can’t afford to hire anyone yet, but we can serve as a springboard for your next job. Our contributors have landed jobs at companies like GitHub, Spotify, and MongoDB. | As for a job nope - HOWEVER if you talked to the core team and are in the same area YOU MIGHT (again it would be a decision of the core team) be able to volunteer (this would be similar to unpaid internship) at their offices I’d recommend emailing if your interested in that and seeing what they say - I can’t say yes or no because I’m not a member of the core team.
  2. If you aren’t in the area or they say no about volunteering in person - they have a LOT of projects you can contribute to on GitHub - I recommend completing all of freeCodeCamp’s certifications so you have a strong understanding of Javascript. Their projects are public for anyone to contribute to.
  3. Get all of freeCodeCamp’s certs - you’ll have a strong understanding of web development and javascript.

Hope this helps and good luck with whatever you decide to do :slight_smile:


Hello, me too i wonder if i can get an internship with the FCC’s Front Certificate. I mean if we show our FCC’s Front Certification if that can make easy the search of an internship

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It’s advised before anything else that you start by doing the following: