CS50 vs CS50B which one is right for me?

Hey @freecodecamp, on your website you have provided some good feedback on CS50 courses:

Should I take CS50 and then CS50P or CS50B and then CS50P? I don’t intend to be a full-time programmer, just enough to develop small tools in python to help me finish daily chores.

I would start with CS50P as that will take you directly into python.

Do I need some basics of computer science to do good in python?

the CS50P course is for beginners, so the only way to answer this is to try it and if you immediately feel that it is too much, then there is another course for people who are not tech-savvy that you can try also offered by CS50. I can try to find it if you want…


In case you don’t know it yet: Python has an official interactive course for beginners.
You can try Python in action, best way to try a programming language:

Much success!

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