Resource to learn programming as a no experience beginner

Hi, iv recently gained an interest in programming and for the past couple of days iv been watching informative video tutorials about python, however I’m not sure what online courses i should take in to help me understand things by doing exercises and activities along with information about the topic. i have tried code academy however you need pro for everything and its pretty expensive. I would love to use freecodecamp for python but i havent been able to find any exercises or activities to do while learning like you can with the first course about web development and HTML.

Thank you for you time!

Harvard has a popular, rigorous, and free introduction to computer science class available online. It doesn’t teach Python until the back half of the class, but it teaches the fundamentals of programming very well.


freeCodeCamp’s Python curriculum is still in an early phase, but if you’re intersted in learning about web development, the freeCodeCamp fullstack curriculum is a fantastic resource.

I dont live in the US, i live in Australia, so i assume i cant do it?

freeCodeCamp’s web development curriculum is amazing, however im more interested in game development at the moment and thats why i want to learn python as my first langauge.

it’s available internationally :v:

ok cool, thanks!
Just one quick thing, does the course have exercises to do whilst learning it?

Hi @adrian_y1 !

CS50 has lectures, shorter videos and problem sets( or exercises) for each week. At the end of the course you build a final project.

CS50 has other courses like game development.
It would be best to take the regular course and then the game dev course.

Regular course

Game Dev

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I will get right on it
thanks a lot, appreciate all the help!

Just one more thing id like to ask, sorry for the inconvenience.
I was contemplating whether i should get CodeAcademy pro to learn python whilst also studying the computer science course? i done the 1 week trial for CodeAcademy and was learning the Python 3 course in it and i really liked the format the was in. However i looked online wether it was worth it or not and many people said its not so i would love to hear your opinion.

if you think it can be the best choice for you and you have the money to spare do it, but maybe first explore other free alternatives, above all if you are short on money

Ok, Thanks!
will check out the course first and then see

Hey, is the cs50 certificate worth it and helpful to have on your resume in the future? if so, will i be able to buy it anytime during the course?

the CS50 course is awesome for the knowledge it gives, if you think it is worth to buy the certificate, do it, but I don’t suggest it

Hey. Do you recommend me to start the CS50’s Introduction…? I am at the JavaScript section now. Will I learn something that I can’t find in the freeCodeCamp?

yes, there is a lot of stuff you are not going to learn following the freeCodeCamp curriculum.
CS50: Introduction from Computer Science starts from beginner level, but then difficulty ramp up pretty soon, do it, be ready to struggle through it, but it gives a lot back


I recommend

Damn, thought it would be good for future cause i wanna do the cs50 game development course too right after css50 computer science, and i thought if i could get both certs it could mean something.

in development you usually need to show what you can do, and that means showing projects you have built