Data Cleaning with DataFrames/ Python course

I feel extremely stupid while taking this course. This is my first course I selected, and I know a little coding but am I suppose to be going through some sort of work as I watch the videos? Is there really only one question off of each video! I really don’t understand the more help section. More resources: I.E. GITHUB how am I suppose to use this?
Thank you to anyone who can help.

Hi @Law0711

Don’t feel stupid, you simply have a problem that you haven’t figured out YET. I’m 75% through the lessons and I still get confused and stuck lol, I believe every on does. Are you just watching lessons on youtube or are you using the website? I haven’t started the python sections yet but I believe they are set up to do the lessons to kinda get some basics and then learn by doing on the projects. Also the curriculum is designed to go from top to bottom I believe so while you can start anywhere you may be missing out on some key knowledge from prior lessons that would make things easier.

This is not a Python course for beginners.
You should have at least started with Scientific Computing with Python, but it also expects you to have some familiarity with programming, as the video tutorials are not as beginner friendly as the interactive JavaScript curriculum. (Interactive Python will come, given time)

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