Feedback for Tribute page (Maggie, my dog)


Here is my tribute:

(make sure to click full view)

It is very basic but it is a start.


Hey there, good work! Remember, Rome wasn’t build in a day. As a general recommendation, you should really try to pay close attention not to forget to properly close tags.

Additionally, it’s good that you try to build your own styles, but I’d recommend that you use Bootstrap as much as possible at the very beginning. It’s a powerful framework which can also be tailored to match you needs. With just some more bootstrap it’s also possible to give you Page a whole new and cleaner look (picture below):

You can find bascially everything explained (more or less detailed) on the bootstrap page. If you get stuck, just ask. I know it might sometimes be a little overwhelming to get trough, but get going.

A pretty good rescources to get accustomed to using custom css in a proper way:

By the way the, you can leave out the and <link…> tag at the very top in Codepen. Instead you can apply different fonts by going into the settings. Under “HTML” is a window for things that’d normally go into the header, like a link to different fonts etc.

Hope this was helpful! :slight_smile:

Wow this is very useful! I will take your advice and work on it.
Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed feedback.

Hey, to build upon what was already said, you should wrap your page in a container instead of a full out view. Also, the 3 picks of the dogs at the top should be properly aligned and spaced. Bootstrap would solve all of this.

Also, don’t let text in background areas touch the edge of the background.

Make friends with bootstrap, saves you a lot of work.