Have a look at my updated portfolio!

Good morning FCCampers, as the title says, I’ve recently updated my portfolio website, and I’d appreciate any feedback on it. Here it is for those who want to dive right in : https://www.ahernandez.dev/

I have to say I am not a regular user of freecodecamp or the forums, however I plan on changing that as I recently remembered that it was here a few years ago where I learned to use react and nodejs, allowing me to give a face to my projects. Before then, my coding was limited to writing partial programs that would be run in the terminal. Now I just want to write full stack apps for the whole world to see!

You can expect to see more of me, I have other projects I am eager to share with you all, just as I am eager to look at everyone projects. :v

Hello there @BleedingEffigy and be welcome.

Is a nice gradient, but the color of the text in some places makes the text hard to read.

To improve you can experiment with some things like increase the font size, change the color of the font, apply some lighter background behind the text, don’t need to be a solid color you can use rgba, and play with transparency.

You also can improve the experience by applying some CSS transitions in the color and background of buttons. Some images are heavy, will be nice if you do some compression you can use this tool that compresses PNGs and JPGs.

Fonts with serif are very comfortable to read on paper, but not on the screen for long texts, you still can use them on the titles and in places you want a highlight, but for the long texts will be better if you chose a font sans serif, use both types is a good thing because you will create visual contrast.

The last tip your content is too close to borders doesn’t feel right in this case in particular.

The close button when you click on my projects thing is not working you have to click out of it.

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