How can I back-up my progress?

I have just claimed my first certification and accidently signed out. Only option I have is to sign in and start everything from beginning. Is there any way I can get my progress back? Please help me, thank you.

you need to log in with the same email address (even if it is a different log in method, it has to use the same email), and in that way you will gain back access to your account

if you are sure you are loggin in with the same email, you will need to follow these instructions:

Always I signed in it made a new progress, until now… At one new-made progress I finished first challenge, and now when I sign out from this account, and sign in again, it always brings me to this progress with finished first challenge. Is there still a way to back up my progress? This is a link to my lost profile . I am starting to be desperate, please help me. PS: Sorry if my English isn’t the best, it isn’t my mother language and I am 14 years old.

I linked a comment on the github repository where it say exactly what you need to do, which is, write that email

I saw it, but where should I write that email? Sorry for too much asking, but my English isn’t at that good level and I can’t understand the best last two paragraphs…

what do you mean with where? the email address is given in like the second line

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Oh, I understood it wrong. I already sent them email a few minutes after you sent this comment on github, now I just need to wait for the answer. Thank you.