How do I properly implement citations in webdev?

I’m working on the tribute page section of FCC and I’ve realized I have no idea how to avoid plagiarism in the web development world.

As an undergrad student I’ve always cited my sources… is the same thing necessary in web design? If so, how do I implement that with out ruining the quality of my web design?

Thank you.

Don’t quote me but I believe the code for citing is <cite></cite> which will give you a mouseover tooltip. Not exactly sure if that’s what you’re looking for, but hope that helps.

Some content providers (photos, images, vectors, fonts) want attribution… either on the footer, or somewhere on the page. Some don’t require it, and understood that we don’t want to ruin our page design with these attributions.

If you’re using 3rd party libraries, programs, source code, and they have a copyright message in the source code, just leave them as is, and don’t erase them.

If it’s a song or music used on video, a “bug” in the lower right/left corner of the screen, or during intro/outro is also enough.