How do you share your certificates?

I’m curious where other FreeCodeCampers display their certificates.

I guess the obvious place is to put this on LinkedIn, but where do you put it in your profile? Do you put it at the top, in your certificates? Under “classes”? Do you include FreeCodeCamp as a school?

I happen to have a LOT of certificates - more than 70 - because I take a lot of Lynda courses, and I don’t want it to get lost.

Thanks for the input.

Hi, sorry for the late reply.
I would put mine in a different page/section specific for certificates or achievements.
Than I would divide them based on their category.

In case of a resume, though, I would include only the ones that can be related to the job I would apply (but still with the url of my webpage where they could find both the portfolio and the rest of the certificates).

I was wondering if any thought has gone into using the LinkedIn API to add certificates.

I’m not sure what the requirements are but I do recall using it once with what may have been Coursera.
@raisedadead or @QuincyLarson?

Thanks for sharing this with me. I didn’t realize LinkedIn had an API for this. I’ve created a GitHub issue for us to discuss this and potentially add a “publish to LinkedIn” feature.

Here’s the GitHub issue:

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Just to clarify, LinkedIn allows users to add certificates and to add schools, and associated certificates. If FFC is a school, it would show up in the Education section. If it’s just a certificate, it only shows in the certificate area.

I can add a link to whatever certificate in my summary, but just clarifying. For example, Udacity is listed as a school and it shows up in Education.

I believe freeCodeCamp is a school. Can you double check and verify whether you’re able to add your freeCodeCamp certification to your education setting?

It’s listed as “school” in LinkedIn search:

And I was able to add my certification to my education a few years ago:

Are you able to do this?


Yes, actually, I did add FFC as a school. And I added my certification, but I added the certificate as an image attachment. I just took a screenshot and uploaded it.

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Now I get your point. It would be nice if we can download our certificates as an image or PDF. Have any FFC contributors considered this option before?

Ok, yeah. I guess the issue is that the link that verifies the certificate doesn’t work in LinkedIn. I’m trying to remember why I used a screenshot and I think that’s it. I think I tried to add the link, but it didn’t work. So I substituted the screenshot instead.

I guess it’s more of a bug than a new feature.

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Hello sir, the feature is still not here.

you can follow the related issue here: