How much JS practice is enough?

I’m aiming at either a coding bootcamp or an entry level position: at what point in the FCC Javascript track should I stop in order to round out my other skills?

All the coding I know was learned through FCC (I’ve completed almost everything up to the ‘Exact Change’ challenge under Advanced JS Algorithms) and JS challenges via CodeWars.

This thread got me thinking, once the OP said that he’d just landed a job as a junior front-end developer, and had stopped progressing through FCC at the point I described above, because he felt that his time would be better spent writing better code, learning frameworks, etc.

Can anyone else weigh in on this? Do you feel that someone who’s progressed to that point has the proper JS foundations for a bootcamp/entry position? I’m asking because I know that my HTML and CSS is by now sorely lacking, but I just wanted to check JS off my list before going back to those topics. Thanks in advance!