How to actually build and run your own website with a unique domain name

Hi there, I am looking to build my own website that I can use as my portfolio site where I can host it with my own unique domain name. I am familiar with or as hosting providers but how do I actually go about using and code to build it? Is it just as simple as using godaddy or another host and uploading files via filezilla/ftp?

I’d want the site to be a single static page with a top menu that scrolls down through the about me, work, projects etc and at the bottom having a contact me. I’d like to have the contact me contain hyperlinks to my linkedin, github etc but as well as a way to open my resume via PDF and click on my email that opens outlook or whatever email provider the person would be using. From my knowledge this doesn’t require any server side code or am I completely wrong?

Also having a cool design and images is important but I understand there are free resources you can use to obtain templates and non-copyrighted images.


you can do most of what you want with one single html file, or one html and one css - depending on how much complex you want things you may need also a bit of javascript

Most portfolio sites are just static sites that are served as-is to the end-user. This means you don’t need a server back-end, which opens you up to a lot of options of where to host your site, of which many are free.

You just need a place that can host your static files and serve them to end users. Depending on if you want a custom domain you may have to pay for a custom domain, or use something like github pages (of which you linked) to host your portfolio directly from your github profile.

Everything depends more on how you want to build, and maintain your site than any existing hosting provider or technology. For example using github pages + gatsby is different than if you were to host static files on bluehost and upload using just ftp. So look into the different options a little more and decide for yourself which kind of route you want to take. :smile:

I personally recommend using github pages, as its free, automatically directly tied to your github profile, and you get to work with git which is almost always a “good to have” skill for any dev job.

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This will not work for users who strictly use an online service like gmail unless the user has configured their machine (not extremely easy process) to work with them. This is why a contact form is very valuable to have on a site too. Also, posting your email address directly on your website will more than likely just attract a lot of SPAM to your inbox instead.

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I understand, I was thinking more so that they receive the prompt from windows and select which app they’d like to send the email with, use this app etc. I was wondering as well how to create my own email domain so I can use it strictly for connecting professionally and posting it on the site. For example,

You can create a mailto: link, but the action of that completely depends on how the user has set up their machine, which is usually to open their default mail app. There’s no way to force it to do anything else like prompt or open a different app.

As for how to set up mail for a domain, these days it’s as simple as registering the domain, then enabling the email support for it through the registrar. Most registrars will walk you through it when you register the domain.

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you can run a website with a unique domain according to your needs and demand with some html files and coding. you can also use javascript for major changes on your website design and required area.