How to create a website?

Lets say I have my github project at: GitHub - michaelnicol/maze3d-world: A Three.js world for maze3d package on npm

This project has a HTML, CSS, JS, etc. It uses vite as a dev dependency, so I can package it into one JS and one HTML file with all the required dependencies.

Where can I buy a website and upload these files with my own domain?

For example: This domain

It is for the website:

If I bought this domain, what do I do from there? What server can I upload my files on in order to host this website? I don’t plan on buying this exact domain, it is just a example.

You can set a custom domain on most of the free hosting solutions (like Netlify, GitHub pages, Just search for it in their docs. Or you can pay for something like DigitalOcean or whatnot.

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