I failed at 86% of basic JS

Hello, I am at 86% of Basic JavaScript (5 days from when I started learning JS for the first time in life). Today i failed totally on this task called RECORD COLLECTION. I did not even want to try how to solve it, no ideas, no inspiration at all. Is this normal to be so bad at this point of learning?
All best, Maciej.


I’m also doing the JS course, that challenge also took a bit of time for me to solve, it’s normal that we can’t do everything right away, we are learning. For me the challenge makes it interesting and keeps me motivated, it’s like a puzzle i have to solve.

For this exercise reading the instructions really helps, it tells you:
if this happens, do this thing, if other thing happens do that.
You learned something on the previous challenges that does exactly that.

Also, you don’t need to start coding right away, sometimes writing or drawing in a piece of paper helps you to think on how to solve it.

And revisit previous challenges, sometimes you solve a challenge but it doesn’t stay in your head, revisiting them will help you remember things.

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Programming is hard. And JS is weird. Getting stuck is part of learning. And that particular challenge confuses a lot of people.

These will gradually get more difficult. If you struggle a bit, that means that it is an opportunity to learn. You may have been able to do the others on instinct - maybe you have to think a little harder on this one.

Try to break it down. Do you understand what the solution is supposed to do? Figure that out first. Explaining it to a “rubber duck” is a common way to make sure you understand it. See if you can break it into steps. If you can write it out in pseudo code, that’s even better. And the more you can break a problem into pieces the easier it becomes.

Give it a shot and let us know if you get stuck.


hey @Macsagi82 , I am a beginner like you. I finished my JS Algorithm and DB certification yesterday.
The way I understand the craft of coding, its nothing but problem solving. And these problems are not just the ones you are given to solve in the first place. In the process of solving that given problem you are gonna create your own problems and then solve them too. Its just natural.
No one, I guess so, is capable of thinking a complete logic to a complex problem just in their brain.
You come up with an idea to solve a problem, good… write the code and work your way around that idea by solving one problem at a time until you get to the solution.
Frustration is normal, IT IS THE PART OF LEARNING PROCESS.
Definition of patience is that your courage takes over your fears. (I know… “Philosophy”. Need to motivate the guy).
And finally, never hesitate to take a break and start your project fresh. But make sure you have exhausted yourself enough before doing so.
You will make it. Believe so.


I will code that again. The biggest pain is when you go to the Hint and look for an answer t didn’t making yourself. Thankfully I already forgot how it was solved. Thank you for your suggestions, I totally agree with all of you. It cant be easy for the beginner’s brain. I go further and I’ll try fresh.


Hello again, after the second approach I did it. My mind was much brighter, even when I forgot something I was able to search it from previous parts.
Testing Objects for Properties was the hardest thing to guess/understand. Anyways a long road is ahead of me but i like it.

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Yeah, that’s the developer’s creed. You don’t have to memorize it all - you just have to know what is out there and know how to google it.

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And a bit of Coffee :slight_smile: for everybody

I use search in google or other sources as a tool, but i am not assured if a way of helping yourself this way will allow me to become better front-end dev in the future. But if you tell me to do it I will not pay much attention to it, just considering.

As a professional developer, I am googling stuff at least a dozen times a day. I often end up on Stack Overflow for general dev questions and MDN for JS questions. I visit the React and React Native docs often, among others.

No one can memorize all this stuff and no one is expected too.

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I think the right term is you “got stuck”, rather than “failed”. Failure is too harsh, when it comes to programming you only really fail if:

  1. You give up
  2. You run out of time

Getting stuck is normal, as programming can be hard. It takes time, effort, brain power, and experience among other things. If you don’t get stuck at all, I’d actually be concerned if you were learning anything of difficulty. Everyone gets stuck every now and then, the key isn’t getting stuck its getting unstuck.

Being able to find/fight/grind your way out of being stuck is what to aim at. As no one promises you wont get stuck on day 100, or day 1000. It can always happen. From something key and fundamental like not understanding the problem correctly, to something as simple as a typo. Issues and problems can arise at anytime, and are bound to happen when you do something complex.

Just expect it to happen, learn from your mistakes the best you can, find and learn ways to get “unstuck” and keep chugging along.

Good luck, keep building, keep learning :+1:

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