I wanna make a stepped form and track time per question and if the user leaves

Hey! I wanna make a stepped form and try tracking how long it takes per question and if the user leaves in which question they left,is this posible? if so,any guidance? im lost with this one

Thanks in advance!

Approach this problem like a freecodecamp dynamic webpage project - write problem statements, goals and user stories - break up the design into page structure and layout, code and styling - is it pure clientside or is it client-server with database - break down the problems into smaller and smaller chunks - solve a small problem and test

feeling lost is a sure sign you are looking at a problem description that is too vague or general - you need to pick one or more parts of problem to refine and flesh out till you reach descriptions you can completely understand

events have a .timestamp property, if you substract those you recieve the time between the events you want to measure.

more info here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Event/timeStamp