I'm new. I have a question

Hello! My name is Juan and I’m from Venezuela, greetings to all. I want to know if I can learn CS self-taught. I can’t go to the college because my country is a sh*t, so, my only option to learn CS is on my own. Can I do it? Thank you and sorry for my bad english.

None of the country is shi*t…
You can learn CS all by yourself…
you need dedication and consistent effort for that…:v::v:

for web development you can follow the freeCodeCamp curriculum

for CS, there is “CS50: Introduction to Computer Science” from Harvard to start, then it has other courses freely available online.

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Well I don’t think Venezuela is a sh*t.
Nowadays you can learn everything right from your home itself.
Say freeCodeCamp is the Best place to learn web dev. And there are many other resources like fcc.
And how can you call your motherland a sh*t. It is such a beautiful country.

You said your country is s***, uhmmmmmmmmm I mean that’s your opinion no offence but maybe there are other people here too who love your country so respect their feelings too! :slight_smile:
And as with the self learning it depends on your budget too!
If you have money you can get good courses on udemy, it also supports your pocket if you don’t have that much money!
And if you don’t wanna spend money at all or you don’t have any(like me and what you expect from a school student!) then turn the google upside down and search for the free courses (which I do all the day!!) and you would find good and excellent tutorials (it’s my personal thought but I think that these non-profit orgs provide far better service than those freakin’ paid courses!!) and as @mukeshgurpude mentioned you need some serious dedication and determination for it (because you may get tired of finding these too soon!)

And as with the english as long as another person can understand it’s fine!!!(No one is here to judge your English brother)

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