I'm Starting a Podcast and Need Your Questions!

Hey FCCers! I’m starting a podcast and am really hoping for your questions. It’s a weekly podcast where I talk about complicated topics, talk about beginning things and problems and answer questions and do the research.

It’s called Infinite Beginners. I’ll be recording the first episode tomorrow on Monday.

Here’s hoping it goes well!

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Hi Donnie

Excellent initiative. I look forward to listen to the first episode.

One topic that is on my mind a lot is whether to prioritize.depth versus speed when learning web development.

With Bootstrap for example you got speed since it simplifies a lot of the work for you. You can pretty much go from absolute beginner to put out a half decent responsive site in a day, but you also sacrifice some deep understanding in doing so.

Going for depth first would mean building a responsive site in vanilla CSS and get thorough understanding of the DOM before relying on any frameworks.

My personal preference is to go all in for speed in the beginning. I encourage learners to make lots of generic bland websites in Bootstrap.without bothering too much with CSS. Treat yourself to the pleasure of actually completing something. This keeps you from losing momentum and getting discouraged. Sooner or later you’ll will go for depth anyway: Either by necessity or by curiosity.

This topic will have many diverse opinions and you will probably get a lot of discussion around this theme. Anyway let me know when the first episode is out.

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