Include very basic sites on portfolio page?

Should I include simple single page sites that I set up mostly using a WP template on my portfolio page? I did have to modify the DNS to point it from a different company to WP, fill in all the info and edit some positioning - but I have massive imposter syndrome and I’m not sure what’s relevant in general to add to a starting portfolio.

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Are you worried about perspective employers or new clients?

A hiring manager worth anything would only have to look at the source code and see it is a WP site. A potential new client (end user) would never know.

If you are putting in for a WP position, then I see no issues. If all the projects you highlight on your portfolio are WP sites and you are putting in for a Full Stack job, I would say you are not going to have much luck convincing a potential employer of your skills.

What is the relevance of the site you posted above? That is not a portfolio site.

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Thank you for your input, and so sorry for the confusion. The site I posted is one I set up for a local business in my area using WP.

Ideally I would love to work for Automattic, but I wasn’t sure what relevance any single page sites like this might have outside of that. It seems my suspicion that that they would hold very little, if any, is correct.