Is the .... ALL Categories filter not working properly?

Hi my landing page for forum is set to … All Categories … this way i see all posts and dont have to search by categories

To day i added my completed calculator project … but when i got back to my forum page it wasnt showing up … so with a bit of looking around found it is showing up in the projects categories … then i realized with all Categories set it is no longer showing up any post to any projects categories

so im not seeing any trubute pages that have being submitted or any portfolio pages that are submitted etc etc unless i got to that specific project feedback section.

Normally on all categories setting i would have all these shown up … had being thinking lately things were quite on this front as normally i would see a few post on tribute pages and portfolios

anyway wondering is it just me or is it the same for anybody else
also would like the old way lol as im lazy and dont want to have to click on certain categories to see if anything new was posted …

Oh and this dose show up in my all categories setting …

I don’t think posts from that category are included:

Project Feedback - get feedback on all projects - not just your Free Code Camp practice projects. Due to a huge volume of posts, these no longer show up in the main news feed.

Thanks for that … your right they are not added to main feed
Have being busy lately working on calc and just thought no one was adding tribute pages or adding portfolios or looking for reviews of there work as i usually try to look at peoples portfolios and try and help out if they are stuck or offer suggestions or point out things that are not working that they might have missed.

Now i realize people were/are still looking for help/ reviews i just didnt know because of this change
I wonder how many others who help review and offer help or pointers dont realize these posts no longer show up and that people still are looking for reviews of the work