It is possible to download Safari on Windows?

I want to use safari browser on Windows 11. It is possible? This guide not working.

Honestly, even if that guide DID work it wouldn’t be of much help to you. Safari 5 is severely outdated, and would not provide you with a good user experience.


I don’t want to get started on my anti-Apple soapbox so I will refrain from saying anything more than no, you can run Safari on Windows.

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Er, so can you or can you not run Safari on windows?

Ya, I guess I forgot an important word there :smiley:

You cannot. At least not legally. And the hacks that exist out there are usually for older versions of the OS and don’t work very well. Apple does everything it can to make sure you can only run it on their OS’s and thus on their hardware.

Now look what you’ve done, you’ve got me going on my anti-Apple spiel.

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