I've just completed the JavaScript Certification but I still don't feel like I know anything! Any suggestion for the next step?


Try the free CS50W course. And congrats on your effort so far.

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Thank You very much!!! I knew about cs50x but not about this cs50w… But I haven’t worked on python
!!! For now I know only c++ and a bit of Javascript

It is one option to consider. Perhaps there are many others on EdX or on the fCC channel.

I’ve just completed the JavaScript Certification but I still don’t feel like I know anything!

Assuming that is hyperbole, that is a pretty normal feeling. It takes a while of using it for some things to sync in. And I’ve been a professional JS dev for 4 years and there are still things I have to look up. Give it some time.

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Thanks !!! May I know what it actually takes to be a Javascript developper??

I feel like after each lesson I retain 3% of the info, even with notes…


To be frank with you, leaning never ends…!! You will find new things every time you start a new course. Well, I suggest keep practicing as much as you can. Try various projects. GitHub is indeed the best place to find the project inspiration.

Apart from that, do experiments with the code to know the unknown aspects of coding. Believe me, learning with trial and error methodology is one of the best way to sharpen your skills and knowledge base…!!

Congrats on your achievement

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