LINUX on WINDOWS! (This is not a joke)

This is amazing! With complete open-source and acceptance of pull requests from the community for .NET CORE, total cross-compatability allowing you to make full-blown ASP.NET applications on a Mac using Visual Studio Code, and now the ability to actually run Linux inside of Windows without a virtual machine… Microsoft kicking some serious ass.

Can’t wait to start a Linux server and connect to it via my Windows browser… Or install packages via the terminal!

So they’re using ubuntu for the bash. Microsoft seems to embrace linux more and more nowadays. Good news for developers I guess.

It was implemented with the windows anniversary update. I read that some people even managed to start xface(gui).

On a side note. I heard ConEmu is good software for windows developers.

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I read about this a while back but haven’t received the anniversary update yet. Will people with Windows 10 Pro even get it? I’m not sure if it’s a regular update or not.

Linux didn’t work well on my system so I’m looking forward to be able to use bash ASAP.

I’ve got 10 Pro and the update came within hours of release. It will be a disappointing experience out of the box, though. I got tmux and zsh working, but basic functionality is missing from Microsoft’s terminal emulator. ConEmu is good, but there’s a software package that makes it even better: cmder. At least, I think it’s better, but I haven’t tried it extensively, and I won’t be home for another week and a half. It seems you can get it to work with Ubuntu in Windows thusly.