Log in problem ! help me please!

Hello everyone!. I was doing the Front End developer course on the freeCodeCamp platform, and filling my resume with my new acquired knowledge. I had my GitHub account associated with freeCodeCamp, and after a month without using it, I want to log in again and I can not do it with my GitHub account, instead I’m asked to create a new account, with a new email, but I want my account with my saved data! Who can help me understand what is happening? . Thank you!!

For nearly all users who previously logged in with GitHub, this is what worked:

  • Click Sign in
  • Provide your email address (now the input box is expecting a code)
  • Open your email in another tab.
  • You may have to check your spam filter for the FCC email with your code.
  • Enter the code in on FCC.
  • You will probably see that you have been successfully logged in. There is a small chance that this will create a new account for you (it will say you have done 0 lessons, you won’t have a username, etc). If that happens you can email team@freecodecamp.org with details about your account. If this step is necessary, please be patient. Quincy handles each of these emails himself and there are literally thousands per day right now.
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I guess my problem is different. When I click “Sign in” I get a screen that prompts me to enter my email address so they can email me a sign in code. I don’t have the option to sign in with my email address and password.

I’m at a loss.

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That is exactly what is happening to me. This is creating a new account and it says that I have done 0 lessons, I do not have a username, etc. So I will send an email to team@freecodecamp.org . Thank you very much for your help ArielLeslie ! Have a good day!!

Looks like my profile has been restored.

I hope the same is true for everyone else.

hmm, this is the same problem / question i am having. @Rovinpiper , did you find all your info and completed courses visible after simply logging in with the verification code they sent to your “new” (but of course not really new …) email address , the one that had previously been associated with your account?

thanks in advance,

I’m having the same problem, everytime I try to sign in with my github account it says:

“We cannot create new user accounts with the deprecated social sign in methods. If you already have an account with us, please sign in with your email address instead.”

But I already have one with my progress saved, what do I do to fix this?

Have you tried signing in using your email address?

Yes, but everytime it’s like creating a new account with all my challenges reset.

If your public portfolio shows no completed lessons, then you did end up with a new account. The only way to get two accounts merged is to ask Quincy to do it by emailing team@freecodecamp.org. Please be patient. He’s being drowned in emails right now.