Looking for a Restaurant API

Hi, I am looking for a free restaurant api for my side project. I want to build an e-commerce restaurant website that has much detail about food, for example, breakfast, lunch, dinner, menu, special food, categories of food, testimonials, teams that work in the restaurant(no really important) and cool images of the food.

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im not sure you’re supposed to get all those information from one api!! try looking into different api and then make it work for your requirement

i suppose you have looked into api hubs such as rapid api and others, if not then you might find them useful :slight_smile:

happy coding :slight_smile:

After searching on rapid api, i learnt that it isn’t possible to get all those requirement on a single api. Yea, you are right.

What other api hubs can you recommend?


is this project for a client or for your portfolio?

The project is for my portfolio.

I was in the same situation, here’s is how I went.

  • Get the theme for your restaurant (Japanese. Pizza, etc)
  • Collect free images from unsplash.com
  • Look at live restaurant sites for the general structure = the content needed.
  • Let ChatGPT write about sections, menus etc.
  • If you want to top it, add a CMS that let’s the owner update the menu.

Here’s a free GitHub template already connected to a free CMS:

It’s the old version of NEXTjs though, with their old file structure.
Still works, just a bit outdated, but maybe you can use it or get some inspiration.

Thanks for the guide. I have most of the website structure. But what i don’t have yet is the restaurant niche. I will have to do some research about that now. Target customers will be either uk or american. By the way i will be using Reactjs for the project.

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There’s mealme.ai or make your own using Strapi or Payload CMS

I will check the website out.

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