My first personal portolio - would love some critical feedback!

Finally done with the portfolio page.

By the way, i use the term “skilled in” very loosely in the introduction! It’s just for practise portfolio purposes :stuck_out_tongue: I by no means think I am ‘skilled’ in anything as of yet!

Would love any feedback and advice to help me improve. Thanks in advance!

GitHub Pages:

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hi there @cjcon90!

I like the nerdy HTML and CSS mark-up, and the colored shadow you got on “My projects”!

I think the orange/black is a good combo but the orange could be used more strategically. It’s a striking color, so on the project tiles for instance the eye is drawn more to the borders than the content. I think color over all is super tricky but I found this article to be helpful:

With the nav-links, the welcome text and the project tile headers you have a lot of big fonts going on–it could be worthwhile to try varying small and big elements more.

When I narrow my viewport, two orange lines run through the middle of the footer–not sure if this is intentional?

Also, at full width the top orange line of the footer doesn’t go all the way to the right edge.

You might also want to be a bit careful with those strong drop-shadows on the project tiles.

It responds well to resizing overall!

Keep up the good work! :smiley:

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Ah, thanks for taking the time for that in-depth feedback!

That’s a great link re the colors. Definitely finding the design aspects of this work interesting (had no clear path starting out but I think I’ll end up favouring front-end) so got that page bookmarked for later reading!

Will certainly have a play around with different designs and layouts. I think the whole “BIG TITLE => picture grid” structure is quite similar to my vape shop layout so will try and branch out with something different next time - your own page has given a few design thoughts!

And that’s weird re the twitter link disappearing, I can’t replicate it but I was updating all my links earlier so maybe that was making it janky! :sweat_smile:

Really appreciate the feedback :+1:

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