My Pomodoro application feedbacks

Dear friends! Please have a look at my pomodoro. What should I improve. Feel free to criticise


Not mobile responsive, but I love the design on desktop!

What @BenGitter said. The min-width of 970px is quite restrictive.

Looking at the design the only minor change I’d make would be to change the blue color you used for your name link. It clashes with the red of the background and makes the text barely readable. Other than that it looks and works great. I like it a lot. Very creative solution to the timer animation. I would have never thought to use a table for that. Well done!

Yes.Now I don’t know how to make it responsive.
A bit regret that I decided to use “ruler” style.
Otherwise it would be easy to make it responsive.
Now I much better about responsive design than a month ago=)

If you want to make it responsive, you could remove the ruler and replace it with a simple timer on mobile.

hm…I think it’s a good idea!

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Thank you! And yes. I also find it as a huge issue. So…I decided to follow BenGitter’s advice - make “normal” timer for narrow screens.
And your suggestion - I will fix it=)

Dear friends! I added some responsivness!Please have a look and tell what you think of it!

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