My portfolio: feedback and help

I have just finished my Portfolio webpage. I will appreciate some feedback :slight_smile:

I am having some problems with the responsive. If someone could give some advice.
Thanks :hugs:

Hey. From what I can see the aesthetic is great but you may want to host your images somewhere else, they are not visible and giving an error in console:

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you might want to make the menu fixed, it looks pretty btw :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I think I fixed it now! :smiley:

I love the design, it’s so clean! I do agree with having the navigation fixed, or to overlay a “back to top” button to simple navigation. I would also pull the contact icons to the right side of the navigation, and add those same social media contacts to the bottom of the page.

Just being nit-picky, you did a fantastic job and I think it’s time to move onto JavaScript projects! :slight_smile:

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No problem, images work fine now. As for your responsiveness, you’re using flexbox, so try working more with it.

You’re not making use of flex-grow\flex-shrink\flex-basis (flex, for short) that could help you positioning your elements without all those absolute positioning (which causes the layout to be messed up at lower resolutions). Also, try using media queries.

As an example, this is what your about section would look like with some other flex properties (resize the window to see how the layout changes; click “Edit in JSFiddle” to see the code).

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Thank you so much for your feedback! :blush:
I think I fixed the navigation bar now, I also put the social icons right and at the end of the page and I added a back to top button. I really enjoy working on it!! Thanks again!!!

I’ve been working to clear a little bit more my code and trying to understand better the flexbox. I haven’t finished yet but I’ll keep working on it tomorrow. Also, I will work on responsiveness tomorrow. Thank you so much for the info! It was so hepful! :pray::purple_heart:

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