My progress has been erased

Today I logged in after not using freecodcamp for 2-3 weeks and all my progress is gone. Is there a glitch going on with the website or is it possible for me to have my previous progress restored? Thank you in advance.

You have likely created a duplicate account. Make sure you are using the correct email address.

Thank you for responding Jeremy. I originally logged in with github. That’s the account that i’m on. I’ve tried rebooting, a different browser, my phone and still my previous history is deleted. Any other solutions?

Did you change the email address on your GitHub account?

I verified it’s the original email address I used when signing up for GitHub. I wonder if there is an issue with their database?

FCC accounts are associated with email addresses. If your history disappears, its almost certainly an issue with you accidentally generating a duplicate account. If your email address for GitHub changed or you changed how you are logging in, it would do it. If nothing else, you could reach out to support.

Ok i’ll reach out to support. Thank you for helping me out. One step closer