Need help to choose the right path for learning

Hello! My name is Sagar, i wanted to finally put time into coding and learn. I have always been tech savvy and i didn’t know how well i can retain the information for coding, i also thought about cyber security. I did not realize how there are so many choices out there for coding and what to learn.
My question relates to What and where would you guys recommend to start , to learn basics. I have zero knowledge of coding and programming languages Want to find the RIGHT Path.
I also want to build my career as a programmer.

Hello Sagar. And welcome.

You should first start with the basics of html and css. Then start with Javascript.
When you already handle these three languages, start with frameworks (react, vue…)
With this you would start the path of front-end developer.

Later on, if you want to go deeper into the back-end, you should learn databases (SQL, Mongo…)
And some server language: PHP, Java, Python, nodeJS… and then some Framework (Laravel, Django, Next…)

Of course, you should not learn everything at once. Otherwise you have to go little by little. And in the case of the back-end, not all languages ​​(if you learn all of them, great) but better learn one and then you can start with another if you want.

Learn, practice and make mistakes (then try to fix them)

There are more things and you can go deeper.
I have told you something basic.



There’s good advice in the above comment. A good place to start on this curriculum is just start with the first one (responsive web design) and work your way down through the lessons.

FreeCodeCamp lessons are aimed at web development (some of the later ones have some data science and machine learning)

Cybersecurity is another category entirely and I don’t believe (?) that is taught much here.
As stated above, if you just want to test out coding and see if you like it, jump into the first lesson and let us know once you’re done!


Part of finding the right path is actually trying few things before you settle on one that appeals to you. You cant really set on the perfect path on the start, it takes some time before you find it. Figute out your main insterest(cyber security as you suggest) and from there its easier to learn whats the best path to pursue


To get the basic knowledge started learning css and html, Learning the Cat Photo App now. Thank you for the help.

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