Personal Portfolio Comments

Here is my portfolio page, looking for feedback / comments on my personal portfolio web page.
Here is the link:

Hello! I just have a couple suggestions.

  1. On your social media circles, it would be really smooth if the blue faded back to gray after moving away from the link (during the spinning animation), rather than it immediately jumping back to being gray.
  2. The contact page would look a lot better if the form was centered vertically. There is a lot of blank space below it, especially on smaller screens. If not centered, maybe add some margin on top to move it down a bit.
  3. The design itself doesn’t scream “professional” to me, but I really like the Projects section - my favorite part!

Awesome job on all of your projects :smile:

quite a decent portfolio page though it is not my fav one of your projects so far. Some thoughts:

  • watch out for spelling mistakes in a real portfolio page
  • the chevron background is underwhelming. Doesn’t add any context but seems to take something away from your page. (try without any background, perhaps that will make your cool icon pad pop)
  • the scrolling and animations are nice but the way you presented your personal information was again underwhelming. I would suggest looking at portfolio examples online. The technical skills are highlighted but in yours I have to do a lot of reading to figure out what you can do.

ps. I’m being a bit critical because I sense you plan to show this design to prospective employers. Otherwise, I would think this page is awesome!

Cheers guys for your feedback, I will certainly look to amend bits and bobs to get it looking more professional.
@ca1221 I will have a look at fading the colours back to gray - I’m not totally sure if I even like the animation effects, I’m wondering if they look a bit too cheesy and would a more subtle pulse be better…

@hbar1st thanks for picking up on the spelling issues! I will review and fix! - probably rushing it and not using word to catch the squiggles! I don’t really like the about bit, but tbh not really sure exactly what to put! The chevrons are actually a picture of my dining room wall - ha! it was the first image I added to the page, but will take it out and try a plain background - again you are most likely right as it would look more professional.

I will, at some point be thinking about applying for jobs, but I don’t feel confident enough as yet, however I guess everyone thinks that and you just have to start applying! I’d like to get more javascript under my belt first though.

Thanks again

one somewhat easy way of getting ideas is to simply review other portfolios that have been posted to the FCC forum (you can probably find them quite quickly in the feedback request area).

but once you’ve done that, if you don’t like anything you see or are not inspired, go online and look at examples of professional web dev portfolios.