Personal portfolio finished

Hey guys,

Today I received my response web design cert! It took much longer, many more questions and frustration than expected but learning all the time.

Here’s my final challenge personal portfolio page.

2 issues I seem to be having:

  1. The FCC button under “Follow my work” doesn’t appear to be center in the box and I had no idea why this is or how to change it.

  2. Everything looks fine with inspect:responsive scaling but on phones in landscape mode it all goes to pot, why is this?
    [EDIT] Ok, I found the issue, my profile pic was pushing everything else down the page so I’m currently working my way to to resize everything. Not quite sure why it only shows in landscape and not portrait but I’ve increased each section to over 100vh to give enough room. [EDIT1] Added more @media for landscape. Now I have about a thousand…

I’ve never had to worry about this before as all my other pages respond fine just from adjusting them in portrait.

I can’t wait to enter a new phase of frustrations with javascript.

Thanks guys.

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Hey @oocopperpot!
Your page looks awesome!

Good luck for JS!!

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That’s very kind of you!

Yes, I will begin it tomorrow; Eeek

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Not sure how to fix your two issues, but I really like your portfolio page. You’ve inspired me to work harder on my own haha. Keep it up!

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Hey @ConradQ!
Welcome to the Forum!

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Hey Conrad,

Thank you, I was inspired by someone else. Let’s keep inspiring. =} And good luck,

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